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Buy And Sell iPhones In Wholesale Quantities
With Real-Time Market Data

Prices Are Real-time And Reflect Best Available Global Data


Discover the Eze Advantage


Transparent Prices

View prices and offers from hundreds of buyers and sellers.


Real-Time Market Data

Notice industry trends before they happen and maximize your profits.


Safe & Secure Payments

We securely hold all funds in escrow until the buyer has confirmed delivery.


Discounted Shipping

Take advantage of our discounts and save money on shipping.

We Make Buying & Selling Eze

Eze X offers an intuitive interface with real-time market data, secured payments, automated shipping, and a simple order process so you can start trading from day one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you take debit/credit cards? drop-down

Yes, we accept both debit and credit cards, however a 3% fee is applied when using these methods.

2. Do you charge sales tax? drop-down

Eze is a B2B commodities exchange, therefore sales taxes do not apply. These devices are sold on the platform for the purpose of being resold to end consumers.

3. Do your products come with a warranty? drop-down

All devices purchased through Eze come with a 30-day warranty.

4. Is there a membership fee to gain access? drop-down

No, there is no membership fee to trade on Eze.

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All Prices Shown are Real-time Open Offers & Bids